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How I Set My Pace Today

I was walking up the beach early this morning. The water was calm and the air nearly still.  Two women with English accents stopped me and pointed out to the ocean.  The one women said “I am either seeing a whale–or the Loch Ness monster.” To which I quickly assure her it was definitely the Loch Ness monster. Moments later a large creature emerges not far from the shore, its long grey body appeared like a slow moving rock with [...]

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The 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself This Spring

Last week we past the Spring equinox. The Northern Hemisphere has begun its tilt toward the Sun, and the days ahead will become longer and lighter. The increased sunlight triggers birds to sing, flowers to blossom, and farmers to sow seeds for later harvests. With the force of nature with us, Spring is an opportunity to awaken and create new beginning. It’s a time to let go of our mental and physical clutter and make space for what the warmer days [...]

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Creating Quality Failures

A while ago, I attended a continuing education workshop. The leader, a brilliant man in his 60’s, used the group to simulate real life scenarios to teach us new coaching techniques. He then encouraged us all to fail. “Fail and fail again” he said.  No pressure, right? For two days, our failures became our lessons. We looked at how we engaged. Dissected what we did well and what we could have done better. We pushed through our own experience and [...]

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What Retired People Wish They Would Have Done While They Worked

Not long ago, I meet with a group of retired women.  Some were thriving with their new freedom, others were struggling with identity loss, and a few were dealing with medical issues. Many of the women shared that they were so consumed by their work that they neglected to maintain and create friendships. Those were the lost and lonely ones.  Another woman was recovering from her cancer treatments and was now practicing yoga daily. She told me she wished she [...]

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For those of you wondering where my blogs have been, I must confess, I have been cocooning.  According to Frederic M. Hudson, author of The Adult Years, there are many times in life when we are called inward to transform old thoughts and beliefs into new capabilities. The process, which may take weeks or months, helps us to align more fully with our truth and focus more clearly on what is important. While in our cocoons, we can attend to life.  I [...]

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Pruning Our Olive Trees

I am on a small island in Croatia today.  I have come to visit a friend who moved from Southern California to tend to an olive orchid that has been in her family for centuries. It is quiet here. On the island, time and priorities slow as activities are directed primarily by nature. As we walk the orchid this morning, my friend explains that the green olives now hanging in abundance on the branches will turn black in just a [...]

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