While my advocation is writing, my vocation is coaching. It is where I have found the sweet spot in my life, and everything seems to flow from there. My coaching career started over 20 years ago when a CEO, who read one of my books, asked me to coach one of her leaders. My work with that client shortly led to a full-time coaching business. A few years later, I became a certified executive coach from the Hudson Institute.

Through the years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the most influential leaders in entertainment, along with many other industries. My clients have spanned the globe, yet they all have one thing in common. Each were ready to fill their shoes and expand their capabilities as leaders, family members, and global citizens.

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Dawn Kohler has been a valued partner in developing our senior leaders. When she began working with NBC Entertainment the Network was ranked #4. Three years later, NBC was ranked number 1 in the industry where it has remained for the past 3 years. I consider Dawn Kohler to be part of that accomplishment. Dawn Kohler is an exceptional coach with clear insights. Our leaders have loved working with her.

Kathy Mandato, EVP
NBC​ Entertainment

Dawn helped me realize the value of understanding how others see me. Her coaching program was key to my success as a leader.

Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships
SnapChat, Inc

Working with Dawn was my first experience of working with a coach and it was fantastic. She gave me the tools I needed to manage my team through a long, drawn-out merger and also helped me work on my personal goals through that period. She is understanding, practical and direct which is an approach that really worked for me. She brings a wealth of experience to every session which is invaluable.

Julia Howe, EVP & Co-Head of Global Marketing
Twentieth Century Fox

Dawn’s executive coaching expertise adds a great deal of value, for companies and for individual executives, especially during the challenging times of a recession. Her ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses of a management team and the individual players, along with assisting those she works with in the creation of realistic goals and plans, are excellent.

Peter Rydell, Executive Strategic Technology and Operations

Dawn Kohler is an exceptional coach for Cibola’s leadership team. Her deep business experience, combined with perceptive people skills, help our team stay focused on priorities and performance. I highly recommend Dawn’s calm, focused coaching for any executive dealing with rapid change.

Lisa Perrine, CEO
Cibola Systems Corporation