Dawn Kohler

Executive Coach and Author

  • Cocooning
    For those of you wondering where my blogs have been, I must confess, I have been cocooning.  According to Frederic M. Hudson, author of The Adult Years, there are many times in life when we are called inward to transform old thoughts and beliefs into new capabilities. The process, which may take weeks or months, helps […]
  • Pruning Our Olive Trees
    I am on a small island in Croatia today.  I have come to visit a friend who moved from Southern California to tend to an olive orchid that has been in her family for centuries. It is quiet here. On the island, time and priorities slow as activities are directed primarily by nature. As we […]
  • Helping Each Other Succeed
    Two friends from China decided they were stronger together than they were as individuals. Their story is unique in that Wenqi was a double amputee and Haiza was completely blind. Yet, despite their handicaps they wanted to be productive and contribute to generations to come. Finding it difficult to find work, they went to the […]
  • How to Ask for Feedback
    We all need feedback. By understanding how people experience our style and performance, we can better align our efforts with what is truly needed.  But how we solicit feedback can create its own perception that goes beyond our performance. In most cases, it is best to be direct, courageous and specific. Go in strong after a project or important meeting and ask your boss […]
  • A Lesson from Shakespeare
    I’m not sure what prompted me, but the other night I looked up the quote “To thine own self be true.” My search reminded me that the famous phase was spoken by Polonius in the play, Hamlet. However, what I found most interesting was what it truly meant when placed in the context of the full sentiment. […]