"The Messages" book
Look Inside

This book has been in me for a long time and it’s one that has become very relevant. The Messages is a true story I wrote in the mid 1990’s when I began to receive, what is best described as a spiritual calling. Although I have no religious upbringing or orientation, nor was this a conversion, it was certainly beyond my humanness and those of the people who shared this journey.

The Messages is also a difficult story to tell. It reveals a very personal and intensely challenging time for me and my family that eventually led to a series of what I experienced as divine encounters. Admittedly, it is not something you would expect from a secular businesswoman and mother of three young children. Yet, those experiences, to this day, are humbling, prophetic, and astonishing to me.

During the Covid pandemic, I realized The Messages I received are beginning to happen. So, despite the very personal and self-revealing nature of this story, it warranted a revision and publication. I hope you read the book, or listen to the audio, and please share with a friend.

“Dawn’s journey is one we all take, or long to take. Her unfettered honesty and brilliant ability to identify with today’s dilemmas and draw us inside are both unsettling and inspiring.”

—Dr. Denis Waitley, Best-selling Author, The Psychology of Winning

“This memoir is a true testament of the power and ability of the human spirit to find its own healing. A compelling journey with great insights for any reader.”

—Beverly Kaye, Best-selling Author, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

“Through Dawn’s journey, we are reassured of the healing forces that accompany our path, and the peace that will ultimately come when we learn to trust ourselves and the many resources available to heal.”

—Caroline Madden, PhD, Therapist and Author

“Dawn’s honesty and genuine curiosity makes this a captivating and insightful read. She takes us with her on this extraordinary journey and like her, our heart, mind, and souls are moved by the experiences.”

—Tammarrian Rogers, International Speaker