By Published On: March 25th, 2022Categories: Managing Transitions, Personal Development, Uncategorized

Last week we past the Spring equinox. The Northern Hemisphere has begun its tilt toward the Sun, and the days ahead will become longer and lighter. The increased sunlight triggers birds to sing, flowers to blossom, and farmers to sow seeds for later harvests.

With the force of nature with us, Spring is an opportunity to awaken and create new beginning. It’s a time to let go of our mental and physical clutter and make space for what the warmer days will bring. This ritual of nature reminds us of our ability to grow. It’s a season to consider:

  • What makes you sing?

  • In what ways are you trying to peck out of your shell?

  • What seeds do you want to sow to nurture yourself or others?

Before hopping off to spring break, consider picking up a journal. Answer the questions as if the sun was rising inside of you. Blaze through the thoughts that constrict you and embrace what emerges.