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For those of you wondering where my blogs have been, I must confess, I have been cocooning.  According to Frederic M. Hudson, author of The Adult Years, there are many times in life when we are called inward to transform old thoughts and beliefs into new capabilities. The process, which may take weeks or months, helps us to align more fully with our truth and focus more clearly on what is important.

While in our cocoons, we can attend to life.  I still see clients, make dinner for my adult children when they stop by and have attended a funeral, a wedding, and a birthday party.  But along with this, I am aware of my extended need for solitude and extra sleep to help nurture the internal forces that are melting away the old and bringing forth the new.

Once out of the cocoon, according to Hudson, one goes into a stage of learning and preparation followed by a time of immense productivity.  I look forward to both. But for now, I will remain in my softshell wishing you all a very happy holiday season with the promise that I will return with more insights and inspiration in the new year.

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  • TM

    Always so timely and so appropriate!

  • Joanne Carranza

    Dawn, what a beautiful observation in life. We all need to take time (cocooning at different times in life. It forces us to mentally and emotionally regroup. Life gets on such a fast track sometimes. I will remember this when I feel I need to visit cocooning. You are an amazing woman. I am proud of you. 🙂
    Joanne Carranza

  • Laura Shinton

    Dawn, I don’t know you personally but have gained much insight through your posts. Wishing you enlightening cocooning and a very blessed holiday season.
    Laura Shinton

  • Theresa Norris

    Thank you for sharing. I am glad you are well and permitting yourself this valuable experience.

  • Doreen Villemaire

    I, too, have enjoyed your inspirational insights. Looking forward to the dawning of a refreshed butterfly. Peace and Blessings through this holiday season.
    Doreen Villemaire

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