By Published On: March 23rd, 2016Categories: Inspirational, Purposeful Living, Self-Development

Every stage of life has a pacifier in it.  Something we nurse, or hold on to for comfort. At its best this calms our nerves and eases our mind. At its worse it keeps us stuck in a stage of life that we are destined to outgrow.

The tipping point is when the behavior, person, thought-process or career position begins to bring us more discomfort than joy. Our frustrations can then lead to anger, anxiety, depression or illness.  When that happens, it’s time to let go of what once comforted us and push through to an expanded, more evolved level of being in the world. Disruptive as it may be, we are granted on the other side of the change with a greater version of ourselves and a deeper capacity to serve others.

Spring is here! Chickens are pecking out their shells. Are you being asked to do the same?


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  1. Tristin Shiells March 24, 2016 at 6:18 PM

    This was brilliant. I know mine…

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