By Published On: January 17th, 2018Categories: Inspirational, Professional Development, Self-Development

First, let me share my bias. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I like starting businesses and helping others start theirs. I love to see people create their own life-style and work hard to manifest their dreams. So, whenever I am asked “Should I start my own business?” My answer is, yes.

Starting your own business may, or may not make sense for you. But, everyone can benefit from writing a personal business plan. The exercise will help you to think through key questions like:

What product or service do you offer?
What unique skills, talents or ideas do you bring to the marketplace?
Who is your consumer and how will they benefit from what you have to offer?

Whether you start your own business, or stay in an existing role, you will be clearer about your value in the workplace as a result of writing your business plan. And who knows, it may just become your next venture.