The performance review question you are never asked

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Many of my clients are in the middle of performance reviews. You know the drill. Your boss calls you into the office and you awkwardly discuss your performance based on some kind of subjective rating system. In the review, you will likely be judged on the speed, quality and accuracy of your deliverables. You may even run into a few “soft skills”, like your ability to work well with a team, think strategically, or present your ideas in a public forum.

The most important part about a performance review is to remember to keep it in perspective. The assessment, good or bad, reflects one part of your life. And it’s not the most important one. I have never seen a performance review that asks the greater questionsDid you love well this year? Were you kind, tolerant of others, and generous with your natural gifts?

Ultimately, our life and our happiness will be measured on these qualities. The yearly performance review can at best scratch the surface. (Although, a raise would be nice.)

If it’s review time for you, I wish you a good one.

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