Mood over Matter

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Is the quality of your day based on the effect of somebody else’s mood? Do you wake up with your breath caught above your belly to brace yourself for what you might encounter that day?

Other people’s moods and emotions can become our toxins. Especially if the emotionally volatile person is our boss. Outbursts from authority figures often feel amplified making the experience even more difficult on our nervous system.

If a moody boss is casting a shadow on your day, here is a tip that might help. In your mind, shrink them to the size of a small child. The new vantage point will communicate to your body that the person is not really a threat and your pores will close to whatever s/he is emanating. Maintaining the image, consider asking them to interact with you in a more productive manner. If that doesn’t work, you might want to reach out for assistance. We don’t have to tolerant people that compromise our health. There is always another way.

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