By Published On: March 30th, 2016Categories: Personal Development, Professional Development

I often hear people say, “I worked hard all week but didn’t get anything done”. When I ask a few more questions the answer inevitably exposes that what captured their time were requests to help with other people’s priorities, not their own. In other words, they spent 100 percent of their time reacting to the requests in their environment.

People that excel in all aspects of life understand that not all things are important, and even fewer are urgent. Before they turn on their computer to the onslaught of email, they start the day with a plan to get certain things done. As a result, the time usage of high achievers looks more like a 60/40 split. The greater part of their day is spent on their agenda while 40 percent of their time is open to assist with requests and urgent matters.

We have more control over our time than most of us exercise. Set your intentions for the day, and see what you can accomplish.