I’m Not Writing This Blog Today

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That’s right, I not writing this blog today. If you are reading this, I’m somewhere in Southeast Asia walking with elephants, or meditating in an ancient temple that smells of musk and envelopes me in silence. I have left behind the pings from my computer, the full schedule of meetings, and the ever pressing need to be productive. Instead, I’m living life (at least for the next few weeks) in a very present state.

What I hope to gain is a new perspective. That perhaps walking with elephants will slow my pace, humble my existence and ground my gait. That the new faces will show me another side of our humanity and the culture will enrich me with foods and traditions as foreign to me as the land I will be in. I hope in my travels to be filled with gratitude and touched deeply by the sorrows of history. I want to feel my way through these countries. Anybody can walk the land.

This blog is to encourage you to schedule your next vacation. To travel is to learn. With each voyage we bring back a deeper sense of ourselves and how we can best participant in our lives in a more meaningful way. So the question you might want to ask yourself today is this:  How many paid vacation days do I have waiting for me to take–and how do I want to spend them?

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  • Fiona

    Exquisitely written…this took me there, thank you.

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