How I Found a Real Connection

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I lost my cell phone this week. I was panicked at first. Surely people were texting me. There were important emails I couldn’t check, and what if somebody after texting and emailing actually tried to call. I was, for a moment in time, unreachable.

Then something happened inside of me. The yearning I felt for instant communication turned into a ferocious appetite for soft swirl yogurt.  Suddenly, I didn’t care about who might be calling, texting or emailing, all I cared about was finding the closest frozen yogurt bar with the greatest variety of flavors. That’s when I realized. Yep, I’m addicted. Like most American’s in a recent study, I too check my cell phone at least 46 times a day.

I found my phone several hours later, but by the time I did, I was more saddened than relieved.  Right after the soft swirl yogurt, I drove to my daughter’s house and we had a touching conversation without interruptions. Two things I would not have done if I had my cell phone.

Wishing you a digital break this week and the joy of a real conversation.

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  • Tanya Withouski

    Dawn, That was awesome. We all need to put the cell phone down for awhile. I too, would love to have a nice conversation with my daughter without her always looking at it. Love reading your stuff. Hope all is well with you. BTW, I am going to be a grandmother Feb 6, and then my oldest son is getting married March 11. Time passing by way to fast. Miss you my friend. Love, Tanya

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