The Best Way to Reduce Anxiety

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I already have a headache and it’s only December 8th.  The season, and the anxiety that seems to go with it, reminds me of an important formula I will need to keep in mind. There is the normal stress of an experience, or time of year, and then there is what we glob on to it.  The “globing on” is what causes most of our anxiety.

The fact that it’s December 8th should not give me a headache. But what I globbed onto the date is the urgency to buy gifts, the need to update addresses for holiday cards, and the list of clients I want to make sure I acknowledge during the season. As if that was not enough, I also “glob on” how horrible I will feel if I don’t get all this stuff done.  A holiday joy kill for sure!

What I will remind myself today is that the antidote is to just stay present. I can buy a few gifts online and ask for a couple of addresses without any stress.  I can let go of anticipating negative outcomes (and how that would make me feel) and I can instead appreciate the shorter days and enjoy the twinkling white lights that now line the streets in my charming little town.  In the present, December 8th could be one simple, feel good, magical day.  The choice, as always, is mine!

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    I just love your Blogs, always keeps things in perspective .

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