By Published On: February 28th, 2018Categories: Professional Development, Self-Development

We have all been there. Somebody walks in the room and asks us to do something, and then attributes the request to the boss, chairman, or business owner to make it seem important. We are left wondering why the “bigger name” had to be dropped.  Is this a directive, threat, or just an insecure person using the power of somebody else’s name?

There are occasions when we have to pass down a mandate from the boss and using their name is appropriate.  But when a leader’s name is used as a crutch, we undermine our own influence. Speaking on behalf of someone else’s authority instead of our own, can undermine our creditability. It shows our insecurities instead of our competence.  And, in most cases, it’s unnecessary.

The majority of the time the authority we need comes with the role we have achieved.  So, drop, dropping names.  Make a statement, give a direction, or offer advice on your own merit. Your words are enough, rarely do we need the backup.