The New Year’s Resolution I Already Broke

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I had a few New Year’s resolutions. The one about not eating sugar only lasted until Wednesday when I succumbed to the taste of a warm chocolate chip cookie. The other declaration to lose a few pounds went out the door with it. By January 4th it occurred to me that I didn’t have very compelling goals, and not much at stake if I didn’t achieve them.

This week, I have decided to take a new tact to my New Year’s resolutions. Instead of thinking about what I want to give up, I am considering what I want to gain. By the time December 2018 rolls around, what do I want to have accomplished and why? I need to ask myself if the goals I have created are truly the best goals for me.  Are they too lofty or too easy?  And, most importantly, are they tied in some way to my passions and the dreams I have for my life?

I’m giving myself another week to come up with the answers. Chances are I will have had a few more cookies by then. The no sugar resolution just wasn’t sweet enough for me.

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  • Tanya Withouski

    your so cute!! I gave up on resolutions a long time ago, just hoping to go though menopause without killing someone. hope to see you soon.

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