Flow Versus Expectations

 In Inspirational, Professional Development

Flow is that wonderful state when we are highly engaged, passionate, and productive. It’s a time of peak performance. Like riding on a strong current, our efforts feel effortless as we attract and take advantage of opportunities that elevate us beyond what we had imagined.

Expectations on the other hand are based on what we think life owes us in return for our efforts. It’s often tied to our income, our relationships, and our career path. It can be heard in sentences like, “I should have been rich, promoted, or married by now.”  Expectations keep us stuck in painful patterns. Stuck in trying to create what we want, or think we need, instead of trusting the benevolent flow of greater forces.

Flow most often happens when we are willing to let go of our expectations and fearlessly engage opportunities that speak to our greatest strengths. It flourishes when we relinquish our plan and step into opportunities with a willingness to explore and create possibilities. Our willingness sends a message that we are open. From here, flow begins.

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  • Madelaine

    Great wisdom and insight as always. Thank you Dawn.

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