Are You Sharing Too Much?

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Sometimes we share thoughts with another person that we later wish we didn’t share. Our body warned us before we opened our mouth. We felt that little jab in our belly urging us to stop. Yet, we said it anyway. We made a negative comment about one of our employees– to another one of our employees. We leaked something that was told to us in confidence, or we shared too much personal information with somebody we hardly knew.  

We later realized, on some level, that part of the damage was the betrayal of self. We went against our own best judgment which can leave us feeling a bit insecure. And, the more insecure we feel, the more apt we are to share too much again. Yep, it’s one insidious cycle.

If you have a tendency to step over your own boundaries, you might consider developing a better relationship with yourself. Listen to that little stab in your belly and hold your tongue. Sit with the strength you feel when you stay in integrity. Now compare those feelings to that icky sensation we get when we share too much information. From here, the choice is easy.

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  • Joanne

    Been there. Done that! Thank you for sharing. I will take your advise to heart and apply it.

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