A True Apology

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We all mess up.  We forget to do something we said we would do, or don’t include someone who should have been included.  We may say something insensitive that hurts another or react with an emotional outburst we later regret. We are humans and we make mistakes.  But that is only the first offense.  The next can be how we handle it.

A true apology goes beyond the words “I’m sorry.”  If you are regretful, and want to mend the situation, try experiencing the offense from the other person’s point of view. Imagine what it must have been like for them.  Feel what they felt and share what you understand when you put yourself in their shoes. This ultimately creates a stronger bond where both parties win. The one who truly apologies gains compassion, and the offended hopefully receives the gift of being seen, heard and respected.

A sincere apology takes us to a place of vulnerability were real connection and forgiveness resides. A place where we learn that compassion is stronger than pride.

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  • Kevin

    One of your best blogs! Bravo and thanks.

    • Dawn Kohler

      Thanks Kev!!!

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