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I heard from a man on hospice this week.  It was not just any man, but a close relative whose enthusiasm and curiosity for life has always inspired mine. He called not to say goodbye, but to tell me he was feeling better and that he wanted to share an experience with me.

He struggled, through tears of joy, to put his feelings into words. “I am so filled with gratitude” he said, “it’s so deep and rich and it’s opening me up. It’s like every second has a pulse and there is so much life in it. So much beauty.” He started to laugh. “I wish everybody could feel what I feel.”  He then told me he loved me and I broke into tears. I too was grateful—for him, for the call, and for the message.

Our lives, our relationships, and our daily moments are so rich and full of life. Appreciation let’s that life in and deepens our connections to all things. Feel the pulse in every second. It’s through gratitude that we open and truly become alive.

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  • Maureen Weidner

    Thank you Dawn for that beautiful story and for reminding us of the beauty of everyday life.

    • Dawn Kohler

      Thank you, Maureen. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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