Which Mind Are You Using?

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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. -Albert Einstein

Many years ago, I remember my daughter coming home from kindergarten. In her backpack, there was a yellow sheet that gave the instructions for a fire drill. The note asked parents to talk to their children and make sure they knew the appropriate course of action. I turned toward my daughter as we sat down to lunch and asked what she would do if a fire broke out in her classroom. Without hesitation, she remarked, “I would stop and wait for the voice in my head to tell me what to do.”

Her answer was not the one I suspected. Typically, she would have proudly recited the 3 steps on the yellow page. Yet, I choose not to correct her.  At 5-years-old we had not talked about the “voice in her head” but it wasn’t something I wanted to parent out of her.

Before the distractions and distortions of life set in, children are innately aware of this inner resource. If we stay connected, it helps us as adults to evaluate the health of our children, the intention of our in-laws, and the best person to hire for the new position. The good news is, if we have lost touch, it’s easy to enable. We just need to stop, pause, and wait for the intuitive voice in our head to tell us what to do.

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