What Should My Goal Be?

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A few weeks ago, I asked readers to send questions they would like me to answer in my blog. I received many responses including one from Anne who wanted to know how to define her goals. She shared that she wasn’t sure where to start or how to narrow down what goals would be the most impactful. Great question!

All goals are not created equal. We can write goals without much thought and complete them with little satisfaction. So, if you are going to put the effort into achieving a goal it should be worth obtaining. The best goals are tied to a greater version of you. What are you capable of giving to your family, your company, yourself that you have yet to achieve? What would make you feel like you are making a difference, living a better life, or expressing a natural strength in a more influential way?

Once you decide on the goal, make sure it ties to something you value. For example, a goal to become an executive leader will be more powerful if it is tied to a core value like providing opportunities to others. The value taps your passion which makes achieving your goals, not just a temporary high, but a soul satisfying experience.

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