What Ernest Hemingway Taught Me

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“Write drunk and edit sober,” was Ernest Hemingway’s advice to aspiring writers. In its literal interpretation, it doesn’t work all that well for me. However, the sentiment behind it I find to be highly effective.

At the heart of the message is a reminder to loosen up. To allow ourselves to be creative without restrictions. Without form. To relinquish ourselves to the greater energies that want to release themselves from our confines. From our self-imposed sense of smallness.

When we bring in structure too soon, we limit possibilities. We take over and try to control an outcome before what wants to emerge has had a chance to be seen. Before we really get to the core of our message, our solutions, our best creative endeavors. So in the spirit of Hemingway, let life intoxicate you this week and do something wildly creative. Don’t worry about what it looks like. You can always edit later.

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