Are You a Well-Intended De-Motivator?

 In Managing Transitions, Professional Development

I have heard it all too many times. Hardworking, eager to please people, who have been demoralized by the negative feedback of a well-intended perfectionist.

It’s not that the perfectionist meant it. Really. They just tend to have highly developed detail-oriented filters. They see what’s wrong, what’s missing, or what is not done the way they like it. Most will even tell you that there is no criticism intended. They are just pointing out what is most obvious to them. What will make it perfect in their eyes. 

If you are blushing right now, feeling this might describe you, here is a little hint. Hold your feedback until you can focus in on a few things you like. Then mention them first. Not only will this help your improvement feedback to be better received, it gives praise to the many people whose efforts are motivated by pleasing or helping others. And don’t forget to apply the same formula to yourself. After all, there is an eager to please person in all of us.

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