Stop Staring at the Void

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We don’t fear change; we fear the unknown. The shelf life on a job, a relationship or a bad habit could have expired years ago yet we hang on. We would rather slowly deteriorate than face a void where we fear nothing will exist. We remain, stuck, staring at the black hole just outside the door.

Many years ago, after a time of being stagnant, I decided to get unstuck. Instead of staring at the void, I adhered to the advice given throughout a pile of self-help books and created a vision to help me move forward. I bought a new journal, one that was not tainted by my previous grumblings, and made a picture of what I wanted my life to look like. I sketched an image of my desired work life, income, the kind of home I wanted to live in, and what I wanted my family and primary relationship to look like. The picture brought me peace, but more importantly, it gave me courage. With my drawing in hand, I walked out the door and fell into the void of the black hole.

I drew that picture 10 years ago and have since reached my desired state. Today is a far cry away from where I use to be. I am humbled. I don’t for a minute think this was all of my creation. Yet, what I realized in the process was that the black hole that we fear is not a place where we fall into despair, but a womb that pushes forth life when we are ready to take a step forward and move in the direction of our visions.

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