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Last Saturday marked the largest protest in US history. Women, men and children from all around the world peacefully gathered to send one very big message. We want a world where all lives matter. Where power is used to create positive, respectful change that advances our human potential and protects the environment that makes it possible to live.

Yet, what’s as great as the message itself, is the way the message was sent. From Los Angeles to Amsterdam the experience of protestors can be summed up in one word. Kindness. Masses of people being polite to one another. Women and men who showed concern when somebody fell, or apologized when the inevitable toe was stepped on as the swell of the crowd pushed bodies together in what would have otherwise been an uncomfortable situation.

What we showed the world on Saturday, was what the world can be like.  It was about respect, compassion and consideration. Now we need to keep the momentum going.  Lead yourself and others with the sentiment of the Women’s March and eventually our leaders will reflect it.

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  • Fiona

    Couldn’t agree more…kindness in the political back and forth is where we are headed I hope. Not sure that Madonna got the memo.

    • Dawn Kohler

      Does Madonna ever get the memo? (: Thanks Fiona. Let’s hope kindness prevails.

  • melinda stone

    Wow, it is amazing that 2 people can view the same event so differently. Most people I know agree that the vulgarity of the outfits, the signs, and the videos of the speeches and the crowds totally overshadowed the good intentions or acts that may have been present that day.

    • Dawn Kohler


      Thank you for mentioning this other point-of-view! I think the overall experience was a powerful one, and I also agree we could have taken a higher road in regard to some of the expressions. Women using derogatory words that are used against women, even in humor, reinforces the negative. All-and-all though this was a mass movement that demonstrated kindness, consideration and collaboration. All good things for the world to see and experience.

      Thanks for your comments and for being a reader!

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