Trust Is Not a 4 Letter Word

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“I’m not really controlling. I just like everything done my way.”

Letting go of control is a daily effort. It requires us to relinquish our small agenda. It asks us each day to seek quiet, go inside, and steady the belief that if we let go of what we think is best, something better has the chance to emerge.

As terrifying as this can be at times, this little morning practice has taught me that trusting the natural flow of events leads to better results than a tight grip forcing my desired outcomes. When I trust the day, possibilities emerge that I might not have seen. I am more apt to empower the people around me and respect their capabilities, and I end the day with more energy and peace of mind.

Granted, there are still times when trust feels like a 4 letter word. Those seem to be the times when I need it the most.

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