How to Promote Yourself…and How Not Too

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It does not take an advertising budget for people to sing your praise. It takes a good experience. And when we don’t have a good experience, well that’s promotion too.

Last week, I flew to New York on United Airways. During the 6-hour flight there was little service and even less food. The stewardesses were short and seemly annoyed by requests and the pilot never addressed the passengers despite several hours of disturbing turbulence. The great irony of all of this was that when I arrived in New York City, there was a truck on 47th street handing out free pizza compliments of United Airlines. I would have loved to have had that pizza on the flight. Instead, I paid five dollars for Chex Mix.

The moral of this story is to be good at what you do. Focus on giving great service through kindness, empathy and expertise. Your work will promote itself, and you will never have to waste your time or money giving away free pizza to compensate for poor service.   

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  • Maureen

    Thank you for this valuable reminder. This is so true!! And true of United Airlines.

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