The One Thing I Try to Remember

 In Professional Development, Self-Development

Yesterday, I was reminded of something I try to remember. Sweltering in the heat of the day, and after many hours of working, I became irritated about something quite petty and was short with somebody that was simply trying to assist my request.

When we put in too many hours in an attempt to “get it all done” we are destined to hit a point of diminishing returns. We try to keep doing or giving, but the expenditure of energy costs more than it earns. The quality of our work and interactions with others is compromised. Instead of our efforts having a good impact on the world around us, they begin to have a negative and sometimes costly one.

This is the time to stop and acknowledge that we have crossed over to the dark side of our efforts. It’s time to get some fresh air, silence our minds, and find a cool place to take a nap. If we wish to have a good impact on the world, we must remember to nurture the spirit within that makes the world good.

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