When a Message Hits You Right in the Eye

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Have you ever noticed that the advice we often give others is the advice we need to take? Such was the case last week when I was taking an early morning jog through a remote park in West Los Angeles.
On my run, I crossed though a basketball court where a celebrity rapper was working out with his personal trainer. The trainer was encouraging him to do a few push-ups while the rapper resisted. Hearing their playful banter, I looked over and chimed in. “Even I can do a pushup” I said in that girl-power kind of way. That’s when it hit me. “Bam!”

Just as I finished my cocky quip, I jogged right into a steel pole. The goose egg over my eye formed within minutes. The rapper and his trainer encouraged me to run to the emergency room as I shook off the incident to spare my dignity.

I am now sporting one heck of a black eye for the holidays. The day before, the sentiment of my blog post was to stay present. I would now add to watch where you’re going, heed the advice you give others, and resist the urge to spout off cockily to celebrities.


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  • Debbie

    Sorry for your black eye, but what a great post and good reminder! Keep smiling!

    • dawnkohler

      Thanks Debbie. It was more assuming than painful. Happy holidays!

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