How to Increase Your Luck

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The “Luck of the Irish” is commonly thought to mean extreme good fortune. However, the term did not originate in Ireland but in America. During the gold rush, several of the most prosperous miners were Irish. Over time, their success led to the expression.

Irish or not, the definition of luck has been defined through history as events that influence one’s life, good or bad, and are seemingly beyond one’s control. In some circles, luck is thought to be the result of random chance. In others, it is thought to be a supernatural force, a matter of fate, or a meaningful coincidence.

Regardless of which definition you ascribe to, I would fashion to say lucky people, like the Irish gold miners, tend to be the people that are paying the most attention to what’s in front of them. They see more opportunities, avoid more danger, and perhaps are aware that good and bad luck are more under our control than we might think.

Wishing you the luck of the Irish!

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