Increase Your Mental Focus

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Spring is here and with it comes the urge for a little cleaning.  Pruning back our overgrown files and piles is a great way to clear space for new growth and opportunity.  It’s also proven to increase physical energy and mental focus–and who doesn’t need more of that!

If you ask the experts, the rule of thumb when it comes to efficacy is to throw away or store everything you have not touched in the past 6 months (this counts for your computer too). Create a file for things you need and practice putting them back where they belong. Then, to make sure you are being thorough, look at what you have accumulated in your office or workspace and ask yourself–does this keep me organized, bring me joy, or just take up space? Toss or take home the latter.

If you want to feel lighter, end this week by clearing your workspace. It will not only  alleviate the burdens associated with piles of work, it will help you to start next week with a spring fresh point of few.

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