Is It Really Our Gender? A response to your emails.

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Last week’s blog caused quite the stir. After outing myself as a woman who has not felt held back by my gender, I received the most emails I had ever received. Many of the responses came from women who felt like me–and had been reluctant to admit it. These women were excelling in their careers and felt that gender had not been a deterrent. Instead, they cited tenancy, resilience, focus, and the courage to make bold moves as the reason for their success.

Then there were a few other emails saying that my experience was because I was privileged.  If I was a woman of color, handicapped, uneducated or under the poverty line, I might have had a different experience. Agreed. And, I certainly did not mean to dismiss the struggles of those with greater challenges. My point however was not about diversity or discrimination but about mindset.

The world is oppressive enough, and we should address all forms of discrimination. But let’s not relinquish the power we do have, however great or small, to make changes in our mind and in our lives, that can lead to opportunities for ourselves and others. If a growing number of women do not feel discriminated against because of their gender, then we are making strides. We are gaining the power to help others rise. Let’s use it to support equality efforts and encourage self-empowerment.

A heart full thanks for all of you that wrote to me on the topic. It’s so great to hear from readers and to be able to share different points of view.

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