Finding Peace

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This week, I wanted to write something uplifting. After all it’s spring, most of us our celebrating some form of Easter or Passover, and in Southern California we have had a break in the rain. Yet, although I try to focus on the positive, I find myself vibrating with a new kind of fear.  As I make my way through my days, I am afraid to look at the news that regularly pings on my cell phone– and I’m afraid not to.

I want to be in the know, or have time to react to something urgent. I want to have that informed look on my face if a client were to say something about a current event. And, I want to stay educated and pursue further knowledge if I feel I am being fed a misleading headline. But the pings are happening faster, the news is more disheartening, and my nervous system is on the brink.  My well-being is now on the line.

So, I have retreated to my small home by the beach in hopes to calm my nerves. There, I am reminded of the saying that is tacked to my bulletin board. Peace lies within us, not in the world we see. I plan to keep this in mind as I sink my feet into the sand, look out at the vastness of the ocean, and imagine myself tossing my cell phone, and everything it now represents, far out to sea. No pings, no fear, no news. The ultimate spring break.

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