Do You Know What Today Is?

 In Women Leaders

Today is International Women’s day. Throughout the world it is a celebration of respect and appreciation for the economic, political and social contributions of women. In celebration, here are just a few of the growing statistics.

  • There are now over 18 women leaders in the world (the number has more than doubled since 2005).
  • In the past 40 years, women in the US workplace has resulted in 3.5 trillion dollars in economic growth.
  • More than 11.3 million businesses are now owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.6 trillion in yearly revenue.

We also give birth to all the babies, run the vast majority of households, occupy the majority of jobs in healthcare, social services and education and make more than 70 percent of all consumer purchases. (Just think of the power).

It is true that we still have some ways to go on many fronts, but for today, let’s send out a big “thank you!” for all the women, past and present, who are contributing to the economic, political and social advancements in the world.

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