Disruptive or Innovative: How Will You Embrace This Change?

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There has been much conversation in recent years about disruptive innovation. The term loosely describes any situation in which an industry or business is shaken up and the previously successful incumbent stumbles. Given the past week’s events, disruptive keeps coming to mind.

Disruptive innovation is often driven by outsiders or entrepreneurs who tap into unmet needs that can quickly create a groundswell of change. You see my point here? Yet not everything that is disruptive is innovative. To be innovative it must advance us toward something more productive, or effective than what we had before.

I am an advocate of anything disruptive that becomes the catalyst of positive change that advances the greater good. So far this week, I have seen clients galvanize around important social issues. More parents are talking and aligning with their children about national and global concerns, and businesses are adding environmental impact and community renewal to their 2017 outreach programs.

Disruptive change is indeed here. How will you utilize this dynamic time to engage more fully in the change you want to see?

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